More savings means more chances to win and more chances to save!

With Lucky Lagniappe Savings, you can save for emergency expenses, retirement, a down payment on a house, vacations, a new car or college education.

It’s savings with a little extra incentive thrown in to make it fun. There are no monthly fees. All the money you deposit into your Lucky Lagniappe Savings account is yours.

Here’s how it works:

Open a Lucky Lagniappe Savings account. It only takes $5 to start!

Each time you deposit $20 you earn one entry (up to five per month) into monthly cash prizes worth $100 and quarterly prizes up to $1,000.

Save all year long with no more than two withdrawals and you could be the lucky winner of $5,000!

Why Lucky Lagniappe?

“Lucky Lagniappe Savings is another big win for our state and another step in helping people build a cash reserve. One unexpected event can be devastating for many in our state. The support by our credit unions is helping our citizens prosper and grow our economy.”

Senator Ed Price

Author of Louisiana Legislation for
Prize-Linked Savings

Interested to see which credit unions are participating?


Congratulations to our most recent winners!

  • Alvin B. - Barton Plant Employees FCU
  • Crystal L. - Access of Louisiana FCU
  • Debbie K. - University of Louisiana
  • Inga W. - Orleans Parish Sheriff's CU
  • John L. - Maple FCU
  • Johnny B. - Heart of Louisiana CU
  • Nancy G. - Barton Plant Employees FCU
  • Timothy S. - Maple FCU
  • Wayne Y. - Alexandria Municipal Employees FCU

Quarterly Winners

  • Judy B. - First Pioneers FCU
  • Rickey M. - Section 705 FCU

Congratulations to our past winners!

  • Alicestine H. - University of Louisiana
  • Annabel C. - University of Louisiana
  • Camryn W. - Coast Guard Employees CU
  • Debra B. - University of Louisiana
  • Donna B. - CUSA FCU
  • Marnie R. - University of Louisiana
  • Michael N. - Heart of Louisiana CU
  • Nancy G. - Barton Plant Employees FCU
  • Stephanie W. - Alexandria Municipal Employees FCU
  • Terrin M. - Barton Plant Employees FCU
  • David B. - CUSA FCU
  • Dawn S. - Access of Louisiana FCU
  • GLoria F. - Heart of Louisiana CU
  • Inga W. - Orleans Parish Sheriff's CU
  • Leslie G. - Total Choice
  • Patrick A. - University of Louisiana
  • Brandon J. - Alexandria Municipal Employees FCU
  • Duke H. - University of Louisiana
  • Ebony V. - First Pioneers FCU
  • Heather D. - University of Louisiana
  • Alicia H. - University of Louisiana
  • Ashley G. - CUSA FCU
  • Bobbie C. - Access of Louisiana FCU
  • Dianne B. - Alexandria Municipal Employees FCU
  • Inga W. - Orleans Parish Sheriff's CU
    • Letha H. - Total Choice
    • Melanie P. - Barton Plant Employees FCU
    • Riley B. - CUSA FCU
    • Terrell D. - CUSA FCU
    • Veronica B. - First Pioneers FCU
    • Camy C. - Access of Louisiana FCU
    • Christina C. - CUSA FCU
    • Colin C. - Coast Guard Employees CU
    • Kellee M. - University of Louisiana
    • Khloe D. - CUSA FCU
    • Joshua H. - Access of Louisiana FCU
    • Lashanda E. - Orleans Parish Sheriff's CU
    • Sherrie H. - Heart of Louisiana CU
    • William H. - University of Louisiana
    • James M. - Maple FCU
    • Jeffrey J. - CUSA FCU
    • Jennifer A. - Access of Louisiana FCU
    • Marion T. - Coast Guard Employees CU
    • Mary M. - Heart of Louisiana CU
    • Robbie S. - CUSA FCU
    • Janet L. - Access of Louisiana FCU
    • Karen W. - Orleans Parish Sheriff's CU
    • Kimberly C. - Orleans Parish Sheriff's CU
    • Linda E. - Maple FCU
    • Veronica B. - First Pioneers FCU

Quarterly Winners

  • Christie B. - First Pioneers FCU
  • Denise J. - Total Choice
  • Ashley B. - University of Louisiana
  • Kimberly R. - Access of Louisiana FCU